Why is On-site messaging not showing on my page?

If you have any issues with rendering placements from On-site messaging, please check the following:

  • Are you using the right endpoints? Make sure not to use playground on production, it can happen by mistake! Here you find some help.
  • Are you using the correct locale? The locale defines for which country and in which language the advertisement will be shown.
  • A typical issue can be that the purchase amount is not correct. Make sure you are sending the correct purchase amount (in micro units format)! Here you find some help.
  • Make sure that in the placement ”inline” is not set to true as that can cause issues if your setup is not enabled for inline placements.
  • Make sure not to hide the placements using CSS, it can happen by mistake!
  • Check that your <klarna-placement> and script tags are valid html. Make sure you are only loading one instance of our javascript library.
  • If all the above is working, check the network requests to klarnaservices.com. Look for errors and 204s, you can detect small mistakes easily.

Shopify Merchants: We suggest Shopify merchants utilize our Shopify Klarna On-Site Messaging app. It’s good to know that this feature can not be used at the same time as our manual OSM, and they will overwrite each other. Use only one form of Klarna On-site Messaging to avoid this.

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