What’s my purchase power and how much can I spend?

There is no predefined credit limit when using Klarna products, instead, you can see your Purchase Power in My Klarna if you are a returning Klarna customer. Your purchase power is an estimated amount based on factors such as credit, your payment history with Klarna, and your outstanding balance.

If you are using the Shopping extension on your browser, you can see your estimated purchase power when you create a One-time card to Pay in 4.

Heads up, your purchase power is an estimate and not a guarantee. The minimum spend is $10.00. But your purchase power may be higher or lower depending on the store you shop with and the payment option you choose. Restrictions are tighter for “new” shoppers and until we get to know you.

Good to know: To ensure safe spending practices Klarna does not approve 100% of all orders because our aim is to support responsible, ethical, and sensible spending habits. Various factors are assessed and the approval decision is not based solely on credit information, but rather multiple internal data points such as past payment history, the time of day, and the size of the purchase.

I want to increase my purchase power

A good payment history and always paying on time can increase your purchase power over time. Making payments towards your outstanding purchases can increase your purchase power. Please note that customer-initiated manual requests for purchase power increases are not possible since it is an automated system.

My purchase power is $0

If you have spent above your purchase power, then your purchase power will be $0. Making payments towards your outstanding purchases can increase your purchase power.

My purchase power is not available

If you have overdue or failed payments, then your purchase power will not be available. To shop with Klarna again, you’ll need to settle your failed or overdue payments.

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