Klarna Geld senden in Echtzeit. / Klarna Instant Send

Klarna Instant Send.

Transfer money in real-time to family and friends.

Instant payments at the speed of your life.

Instant, easy, and free.

Sending money is as easy as sending an instant message—no charge.

Send now, but now-er.

Whip out your phone. Find a contact. Tap, tap, done! You have better things to do than entering IBANs for your IOUs.

Snappy and secure.

Klarna is a bank, so send money in seconds with all the security of a trusted financial institution.

The account is covered by the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme in accordance with a decision by the Swedish National Debt Office. The maximum compensation to each customer is 100.000 € and the National Debt Office will make the compensation available for payment within 7 business days of the date the right to compensation commenced. Read more.

Instant transfers in a snap.

Don't let a bank transfer slow you down. With Klarna Bank Account, send money to other Klarna accounts—easily and instantly. No IBANs to enter. No app-switching for a TAN. No extra cost. Turn on your findability and sync your phonebook contacts to start sending and receiving money anytime, in real-time.

How it works.

  1. Find a contact,
  2. Enter the amount to send,
  3. Confirm the details,
  4. That’s it! Get back to more important things.

Remember: Turn on findability to help friends with a Klarna Bank Account add you as a contact. Sync your phonebook to find contacts faster. Then let the payments roll!

The simpler, nimbler instant banking.

Try a bank account that keeps up with you. Move money from your traditional bank account in seconds. Pay friends instantly. Manage it with a real-time overview. Pay with your card, phone, smartwatch, whatever. All that with no running charges. Banking shouldn’t feel like banking, and it doesn’t with the Klarna Bank Account.

Questions? We have the answers.

Klarna Instant Send

Send now. Right now.