Increase sales. Before the checkout

Drive conversions with on-site messaging

  • Let your users know how they can pay before they buy.
  • Sell more with tailored and personalized financing offers.
  • Get customer insights to help you offer the right product.

How it works

Before the customer decides to buy.

Deciding how to pay for something is often done before clicking the buy button. Let your customers know what their financing and payment options are before entering the checkout.

Making the purchase.

When the customer hits checkout, the same payment options as before are offered and the user is free to choose. That’s smoooth.

Promote smoooth financing options.

Show customers their financing options and let them know what their monthly payment will be for any given product. The messaging is personalized and lets users understand how they can manage the cost before they decide to buy. We look after the legal and privacy complexities, so you can focus on what matters to your business.

Simple integration. Full control.

Merchants are different. Whether you are looking to promote financing or display accurate delivery information, you only need one integration. Activate with one click and you can easily select what features you want to include in your store.

Klarna’s intelligence in your store.

By integrating Klarna’s global customer database into to your existing store, you can combine insights from our 80 million strong customer database with your own offers to create a personalized experience for each individual shopper.