Boost sales with promotional messaging.

Let shoppers know what their financing and payment options are as soon as they come to your site.

On-site messaging displayed on a phone

Provide a personalized experience and let shoppers see which payment options they prequalify for while browsing.


increase in average order values.


increase in Klarna share of checkout.

Increase awareness, increase sales.

Deciding how to pay is often done before entering the checkout. Let shoppers know what their financing and payment options are as soon as they come to your site. Greet shoppers with personalized messaging designed to boost purchasing power. We use our 85-million-strong customer database to create a unique experience for each shopper.

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We saw an immediate impact in our top-line results when we started to leverage Klarna’s dynamic On-site messaging platform. With every new place that we introduce it within the customer journey, we see concrete lifts in both conversion and AOV.

Carlo Savino, Executive Director, NA eCommerce

How On-site Messaging works.

Dynamic messaging.

Upselling is just one click away with threshold messaging. Advertise order amount based promotions and let shoppers know how close they are to unlocking special offers.


Let shoppers see what payment options they qualify for while browsing your site. They'll be able to shop more freely knowing they've got increased purchasing power early on in the shopping experience.

Control the look and feel.

Adjust the design so that it fits seamlessly into your website. Customize the font, text style, size, colors and just about anything else you’d like. We make sure that the messaging is compliant and up to date with regulations in each market.

Choose your assets.

Upgrade your website with a range of assets designed for different touchpoints. Announcements and footers for your landing page, credit promotions and banners for your product pages, and an information page that explains the what why and how of Klarna for your FAQ section. You decide what’s best for you.

One integration. Full control.

Activate On-site messaging today in the Klarna Merchant Portal. You’ll need to have an existing Klarna integration and an active Merchant Identification (MID) number to do so. After activating, you’ll be able to add On-Site Messaging to your website right away.

Get more customers who shop more, more often. Are you ready?