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20 Jan 20222 min read

Embracing sustainability.

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by Klarna

Klarna and Inside Retail have joined forces to uncover actionable shopper insights for retailers who want to embrace sustainability. This research has revealed key actions for retailers to implement in their businesses and boost their sustainability contributions without breaking the bank. Increasing customer awareness, supporting education, and assisting shoppers in making direct and indirect contributions are all ways to increase your impact and positively change the world.

At the core of the survey results, it is clear that Australians are deeply concerned about a diverse range of local and global issues. Covid-19 has acted as a catalyst for re-examining individuals’ values and perception of life, with 63% of those surveyed thinking about the future and what they can do to help. Within this group, 78% of shoppers believe the behaviour of a brand is as important as what it sells, making a sustainable impact as crucial as ever.


In addition to this, shoppers choose to support retailers that prioritise social impact, with 69% of respondents starting with a new brand because they admire its positive impact activities. Along with wanting their favourite retailers to make a positive impact, 71% of shoppers say they would shop more with those retailers that enable them to give back and support causes.

Hear from some retailer changemakers as they share practical sustainability actions for brands of any size:

  • Outland Denim evolved their business model by moving from 2 seasonal collections to 6 smaller capsule lines that reduce the likelihood of overordering.
  • Pangaia changed their product lines by selling clothing collections that use bio-based, recycled fibres and innovative materials.
  • SoL Cups actively promotes itself as a platform for education, supporting shopper awareness and engagement in positive environmental actions.
  • Upparel has authenticated their commitment by achieving recognition from multiple respected independent bodies.
  • Bands of Courage have leveraged existing infrastructures by engaging with Eden Forest Projects, which already has an established infrastructure and programme of planting in 8 countries.
  • Scotch and Soda have embraced corporate transparency. The brand publishes an annual report on the environmental profit and loss linked to the brand across their direct and indirect impact against their entire value chain.
  • Etsy has driven internal change by aiming for a New Zero impact by 2030.

Want more shopper insights and implementation strategies? Find the full report here.

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