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Jul 6, 20202 min read

Klarna’s tribute to the global sneakerhead community.

Fredrik Thambert

by Fredrik Thambert

The passion for sneakers is shared by people all over the globe. We at Klarna want to salute all the sneakerheads out there by offering a chance to win some of the most hyped shoes from the last decade. All you have to do is prove your passion.

In recent years, the interest in sneakers, particularly limited edition examples, has risen to record levels. The demand for exclusive models is steadily increasing and brands are using limited edition drops and raffles to build the hype around their products.

Klarna is a proud partner to some of the worlds most well-renowned sneaker retailers including Footlocker, Schuh, JD Sports, Sneakersnstuff, asphaltgold, and many more. The trend is clear: sneakerheads are buying more kicks online, and they love using Klarna for the ultimate shopping experience.

Global shoes and clothing spend through Klarna reached an all-time high in May, surpassing Black Friday and the Christmas holiday season. In the US, shoe stores have experienced a big growth in sales to consumers using the Klarna app, new record levels reached in recent weeks. The total value of the sneakers market worldwide is estimated at $76 billion in 2020 according to Statista, growing to almost $100 billion in five years.

Our Heartbeats 4 Sneakers campaign.

To show our appreciation for the sneaker-loving community, we’re launching Heartbeats 4 Sneakers, an initiative that offers true sneaker fans the chance to win five of the last decade’s most sought-after sneakers, curated by the sneaker experts at Highsnobiety. To enter our Smoooth Sneaker Drop you must first prove your passion by validating that you’re a human and not a bot, using your heartbeat as proof (yes, really).

Sneaker bots have long been the bane of the sneakerhead community and have two functions: to increase the chance of success in a raffle by creating numerous accounts, and when purchasing, checkout items in as little as 0.2 seconds. Both prevent fans with any chance of getting a pair of limited edition sneakers when they are released. By employing new technology, a sneakerhead’s heart-rate will be measured by putting their fingertip on the camera lens of a smartphone or desktop entering only those who have a heart that beats for sneakers.

The Smoooth Sneaker Drop will be followed by more activities to support all sneakers fans using Klarna, including great deals and tailored offers. The Heartbeats 4 Sneakers’ campaign epitomizes Klarna’s commitment to provide every shopper with a ‘smoooth’ shopping and paying experience, empowering shoppers everywhere to get what they love, today.

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