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28 Jan 20221 min read

Ovira: Order numbers skyrocketing.

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by Klarna

Being a small-medium sized business in the competitive retail landscape is challenging, where to be and how to market yourself to reach the right audiences requires innovation, creativity and help from partners that can help you reach your goals. Ovira’s goal is to connect with people who suffer from period pain, no matter who and where they are. Klarna joined forces with Ovira to bring them new shoppers, increase purchases and create a long-lasting brand awareness.


Overall, our team was delighted with the outcomes of the Klarna campaign – we saw a large uplift in revenue driven by Klarna, but also overall (excluding Klarna transactions). As a brand that never goes on sale, the Klarna offer was a great way for us to capture more price sensitive customers without the perception of price-slashing on our end. We had great returns in our abandon cart audiences (in email and in paid) as well as existing customers – we were really pleasantly surprised by the uptick in repeat purchase, especially as our hero product is typically a one-per customer item. Outside of the performance of the campaign itself, the Klarna team was incredibly helpful during the entire process. From collaborating on the marketing assets to giving us direct support for website changes – it was smooth end to end and we can’t wait to work together again!

– Vicky Lee, Ovira.


See the results and download the case study here.

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