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28 July 20207 min read

Paint a cosy picture.

Kellie Hush portrait

by Kellie Hush

After 25 years working in fashion it’s rare that I have a fashion crisis, but in this new world of working from home my extensive wardrobe doesn’t work anymore. It’s unfortunately redundant.

I have racks of cocktail dresses that have travelled with me all over the world to Dior, Gucci, Chanel and Prada runway shows in Milan, Marrakesh, Los Angeles, Dubai, Havana, London and Paris. I have never-worn high heels still in boxes and I have at least a dozen designer blazers. One is this amazing studded Gucci jacket that’s impossible to wear sitting in a chair. A standing only jacket. But I have never owned a wardrobe of chic comfortable basics. I’ve bought “travelling” clothes for long-haul flights but I don’t own a bunch of jumpers, tops, comfortable trousers, scarves and shoes I can wear in the house, all day, every day, and still feel like I’ve “dressed” for the day. 

So lately I’ve been working on my new style and it’s been a nice distraction. I love to layer-up in the morning so I don’t have to keep the heaters on all day. Base Bodywear has amazing basics for layering and I’ve stocked up on their round-neck long sleeve tops in various colour.

Base Bodywear Round Neck Long Sleeve


About 20 years ago I was a massive cargo pant fan, I blame it on Jennifer Aniston, and have once again discovered the utilitarian trouser at ASOS.

ASOS Signature 8 stretch high waisted cargo pants in khaki


Cargo pants are more comfortable than jeans and you can throw a heel on if you are doing a socially distanced coffee meeting. I’m also investing in good scarves.

Country Road Cashmere Scarf


I’ve worked out you need them long and wide, and preferably in wool or cashmere. Speaking of cashmere, I love Jac & Jack’s cashmere socks.

Jac and Jack Bounty Cashmere Socks


Jumpers for me need to be over-sized or neatly sitting on the hips. Although I’m obsessed with puffy sleeves. 

Bec + Bridge Elsa Knit Jumper


I’ve also started to buy sweatshirts, something I haven’t bought in years, and I’m loving Camilla and Marc’s new sport collection.

Camilla and Marc Denver Crew


But the most important pieces in my new wardrobes are my “house” shoes.

Emu Platinum Mintaro


I have a new pair of EMU boots for the mornings and evenings (confession: sometimes all day) but I’m also loving my Mara & Mine slip-ons. I wore them to my first dinner party post lockdown and always slip them on when a colleague comes over for a coffee meeting. 

Mara & Mine The Estrella


I’m not about to archive my fashion editor’s wardrobe anytime soon but I am loving being the new casual Kel.

Shop and enjoy my casual Wish List below. 

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