Jan 29, 20201 min read

Improve Your Store With the Experts at Klarna.

Fredrik Thambert headshot

by Fredrik Thambert

Learn how to hack and master today’s online retail environment with the experts.

Peoples’ shopping habits are dramatically changing, and you as a retailer need to adapt to the new reality. This is why we’re launching Klarna Deep Dive – a digital masterclass in three parts focused on how Klarna helps retailers to grow, be more profitable and get more loyal customers.

Each masterclass is hosted by one of the experts at Klarna an is centered around the most crucial themes of your online business.


  • The main obstacles to growth
  • Key data about spending power and shopping behavior
  • Why attracting Millennials and Gen Z customers is crucial
  • The importance of flexible payment methods


  • How to increase conversion rate and average order value
  • How to reduce cart abandonment with a better checkout experience
  • Klarna’s Pay Later options: How good are they for business?
  • What a Smoooth shopping experience looks like


  • How the concept of loyalty is changing and why it matters
  • What ‘brand connection’ means and how you achieve it
  • How Millennials and Gen Z are different from a loyalty perspective
  • What ROE is and why you need to know about it

Check out Klarna Deep Dive here.