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Klarna’s 2021 shopping stars: A brighter, smooother year begins.

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The excitement for a new year has rarely been so pronounced as it is right now and at Klarna, we can hardly wait. So we teamed up with astrologer and visual artist, Narayana Montúfar, to take a look into the future, see what will make our hearts beat louder in 2021, and share a few smoooth shopping predictions that might help our stars align.

What awaits? A year to be bold, wild, and true.

In the year ahead, the more we embrace our originality, the better future we will build for ourselves, according to Narayana. “As the intellectual air element takes hold, powerful concepts like individualism, freedom, and social activism are here to stay, heralding a more progressive way to relate to one another,” she said.

“The recent entrances of Jupiter and Saturn into the sign of Aquarius will have everyone feeling happier, lighter, and much more optimistic about the future and new planetary connections throughout the year will invite us to embrace our uniqueness and authenticity,” said Narayana. “In short, 2021 will deliver the perfect opportunity to express your big, bold ideas and visions in your life, work, home, and wardrobe. Nothing will be too weird.” This is the year to allow yourself to reach your full splendor and potential – so let’s dive in.

Narayana Montúfar reveals what the stars have in store for the 12 signs of the zodiac in 2021:

Aries – Healing Warrior | Acceptance & reconciliation

To say that 2020 was a wild year would be an understatement, so the year ahead is about integrating all the changes that took place and exploring what healing and acceptance mean for you. You’re a warrior at heart—and part of your year’s mission is to show the world what a beautiful thing it is when we come together. This will be particularly true during the summer, once Cancer season arrives to put your learnings to the test. But don’t you worry, you’ll be ready!

Smoooth shopping for Aries:

  • Your bold and independent approach to life should be reflected in your 2021 style. Don’t be afraid to buck prevailing trends in favor of pieces that scream ‘you’.
  • Look for tools that will help on your quest for healing this year. Think crystals, candles, and aromatherapy – basically, anything high-vibe and focused on self-care.
  • Your 2021 color: Purple, the color of spirituality
  • Your Klarna hack: You love nothing more than a great deal. Luckily, the Klarna app delivers the latest deals tailored to your interests meaning you’re always able to shop at the best price.

Explore (and shop) our full wish list for Aries here.

Taurus – Earth’s Activist | Freedom & rebellion

You’re a creature of habit, dear Taurus, but Uranus has been showing you how changing your mind can actually be kind of fun. Hosting the planet of rebellion and freedom in your sign all year long can be overwhelming at times, but it can also be liberating. In many ways, you’re forgetting everything you know and starting to see the world with bigger, brighter, and greener eyes. You’re learning to channel your inner rebel and finding an outlet for your love and compassion in this year’s theme of activism.

Smoooth shopping for Taurus:

  • As an earth sign, let your love for your home planet prevail and opt to shop from sustainable sources in 2021.
  • Plants, gardening kits, hiking gear, items made from natural materials, and giving back to environmental causes, will dominate your shopping cart this year.
  • Your 2021 color: Light green as the color of nature and tranquility
  • Your Klarna hack: Get rewarded for shopping (and shopping sustainably) with Klarna’s loyalty program, Vibe.

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Gemini – Soul Detective | Change & destiny

The year ahead is full of big, meaningful shifts for you, Gemini, only to bring you closer to your desired destination. You’re naturally curious, and as you shed your old skin, you’ll be ready to embark on a path that’s more in line with who you really are. This is a year you will always remember, and one that will help you answer important questions about your life path, what you want to be known for, and who you want to surround yourself with. So with that in mind, it’s time to get to work.

Smoooth shopping for Gemini:

  • This year is about finding your flow so look for silhouettes and styles that let you move in the new directions life will take you.
  • Feed your intellectual curiosity in 2021 by delving into philosophy and poetry, investing in art, and exploring new creative pursuits.
  • Your 2021 color: Lavender to clear the aura and bring clarity
  • Your Klarna hack: As the most mercurial of signs, you can keep track of items you like and love all in one place with Klarna wish lists until you’re ready to buy.

Check out our full wish list for Gemini here.

Cancer – Deep Diver | Transformation & identity

The ocean of life should get pretty interesting for you, Cancer. As Jupiter and Saturn inundate your eighth house of transformation in 2021, you’re about to get a lesson on identity and inner power. Good thing you’re a tenacious water sign never scared of diving deep into unknown territory. While exploring your inner workings might feel scary at times, there’s gold to be mined here—and you bet mighty Jupiter will reward all your hard work by gifting you with precious self-mastery. The answers shall come when you least expect them, letting you step into your true self .

Smoooth shopping for Cancer:

  • Time to step out of your much-loved shell, dear crab. Those statement earrings you’ve eyeing? The velvet couch you can’t stop thinking about? The bolder, the better in 2021, so go ahead and go big.
  • The journey to a new identity takes introspection, so expect items that will guide you inwards on your shopping list – think a tarot deck, bath salts, or noise-canceling headphones to help you quiet the world and focus on your inner voice.
  • Your 2021 color: Burgundy, for energy and clarity
  • Your Klarna hack: You’re about to step out of your comfort zone, but you still love the familiar. The Klarna app lets you shop from all your favorite brands (and discover new ones) with the bonus of being able to pay in 4 anywhere (yes, anywhere).

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Leo – Combat King or Queen | Adaptability & Power

You’re set in your own ways, Leo, but this year, you’re going to learn what flexibility really means. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will be squaring Uranus in Taurus throughout the year, forming a challenging T-square with your Sun. In more than one way, you’re going to be asked to go with the flow, even when someone else takes that precious spotlight that you love holding onto so much. When anger and frustration knock at your door, channel the fire with a good workout session or a sweaty power yoga class, or to a truly fierce look.

Smoooth shopping for Leo:

  • Find ways to channel your fiery energy in 2021 with workout equipment, yoga gear, a punching bag, or even through clothing that reflects your intense energy – think a red belt, hat, or unmissable scarlet shoes.
  • Leo’s generosity is often underestimated but this is the year to embrace your gift for creative gifting with those that matter most to you.
  • Your 2021 color: Red, the color of confidence and power
  • Your Klarna hack: 2021 is all about flexibility for you, Leo, including payments. With Klarna you can spread your purchases across 4 interest-free payments, bringing new levels of control and flexibility to the way you shop and pay.

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Virgo – Techy Builder | Focus & structure

Last year’s rare aspects most likely brought you some opportunities, Virgo—and this year, you’re going to build on them to create something meaningful. Your theme for the year is structure, a concept that is very in-tune with your earthy and hard-working sign. You love the idea of building something that will stand the test of time, and you’re going to need all types of interesting gadgets to fine-tune your daily routine.

Smoooth shopping for Virgo:

  • This year’s techy energy is all about making your life easier, so any products that save you time will be in high demand.
  • Your approach to life is meticulous so you’re drawn to products that are cutting edge and clever – think self-cleaning water bottles, Bluetooth key finder, portable printer, and smart kitchen appliances.
  • Your 2021 color: Earthy shades to connect you with your grounding element
  • Your Klarna hack: Why trawl through your inbox for package tracking numbers when you can do it all in one place? The Klarna app lets you track ALL of your packages – regardless of whether or not you purchased with Klarna, meaning you’ll always be ready for the next delivery.

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Libra – Artistic Muse | Creativity & fun

Your sign was under great focus in 2020, so you’ll be glad to know this year is going to be a little easier. Aquarius will be activating your fifth house of creative self-expression—so in this coming year, the Universe is asking you to channel your inner child and have some fun! Your creative juices will be at an all-time high, so it’s the perfect year to purchase items that will help you squeeze them out regardless of the type or medium.

Smoooth shopping for Libra:

  • After a tumultuous year, it’s time to restore much-needed balance, especially in your home space. Out with anything superfluous, and in with items that create a sense of reflection and calm.
  • Your newfound creative energy will be reflected in your shopping cart. Follow your muse be it with art and painting tools, a mixology kit, camera, or even a bold new makeup palette (yes, you CAN rock that emerald green eyeliner).
  • Your 2021 color: Yellow, the color of happiness and creativity
  • Your Klarna hack: You’re not one to rush into a decision, so Klarna’s curated wish lists are a Libra’s carefully considered dream. Curated based on your (impeccable) taste and interests, these wish lists deliver expert product suggestions just for you.

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Scorpio – Daring Wizard | Surprises & awareness

Change is the only constant in life, dear Scorpio, and you’re about to get a master’s degree in the subject. Yours is a sign that likes to be in control, but taking the road less traveled is turning out to be quite interesting, isn’t it? As Uranus brings breakthroughs in your opposite sign, Taurus, you’re learning how to be more comfortable with surprises. Any situation that puts you out of your comfort zone can train you to be more open and less defined by the curveballs the Universe throws at you. The year ahead is asking you to accept new challenges, so why not have fun in the process?

Smoooth shopping for Scorpio:

  • Embrace this season of change and try statement-making shapes at home and in your wardrobe. No more playing it safe, Scorpio!
  • Get the adrenaline pumping in 2021 with new adventures – try mountain biking, snowboarding or skydiving, or anything that makes your heart beat a little faster.
  • Your 2021 color: Electric blue to call in excitement and change
  • Your Klarna hack: Satisfy your inner control freak by keeping track of all your Klarna purchases, payments, returns, and deliveries right in the app.

Explore our full Scorpio wish list here.

Sagittarius – The Shapeshifter | Transformation & opportunity

You’re one of the savviest signs out there, Sag, but when it comes to the philosophy of life—you, just like most of us, still have a lot to learn. The South Node of Destiny will be in your sign all year long, helping you shed your old beliefs in order to replace them with something new. This is an important moment along your journey, during which you get to shapeshift into a new version of yourself. Outdated connections and situations will come to a close, only to make room for more exciting opportunities and doors to open. Transformation is on the books, so why not seek powerful allies to accompany you?

Smoooth shopping for Sagittarius:

  • Even if extensive travel is not possible in 2021, find ways to explore new destinations – a new side of yourself with literature, art, and items that transport you to other places.
  • Shepherd in the cleansing of outdated beliefs with chakra crystals, palo santo or sage, hematite or onyx jewelry, or protective talismans.
  • Your 2021 color: Dark colors and rich textures as a form to let go of the past
  • Your Klarna hack: You, savvy Sagittarius, love a good deal. WIth automatic price drop alerts, you get notified whenever items you’ve added to your Klarna wish list go on sale. So the best deal is always yours.

See all our picks for Sagittarius here.

Capricorn – Master Manifester | Achievements & abundance

Your sign was under a heavy influence in 2020, and in the year ahead, you get to reap all the rewards of your hard work. You now have the luck to receive the abundant energy of Jupiter in your house of money, honey. And even if the hard work continues, know there’s an end (and more rewards) in sight. When you have the power of manifestation the way you do now, you must guide its energy in the right direction. You’re a practical earth sign, so it’s only natural for you to purchase items that will help you build the empire you deserve so much, dear Cap.

Smooth shopping for Capricorn:

  • Consider purchasing that investment piece you’ve been carefully considering for so long, Capricorn, be it the timeless jewelry piece, designer coat, or luxury sheet set.
  • Lean into a sense of abundance with a money tree, feng shui set, gratitude journal, or green wallet.
  • Your 2021 color: Dark green, the color of abundance
  • Your Klarna hack: Rewards are in store for you in 2021, especially if you join Vibe, Klarna’s loyalty program. Earn points for every purchase you make with Klarna that you can redeem for gift cards from all your favorite retailers.

See our full shopping round up for Capricorn here.

Aquarius – The Star | Innovation & attention

You’re not one to search for the spotlight, but in 2021, you’ll have no other choice than to jump on stage. As your two planetary rulers Saturn and Uranus permeate the year with your innovative and future-forward energy, there’s never been a better year to be you! And while it’s true that it might be overwhelming to get so much attention, trust us when we say that your talents can’t go unnoticed. So get ready to strut your stuff, Aquarius, because the more you put yourself out there, the more fun you will have!

Smoooth shopping for Aquarius:

  • Step into the spotlight with gold sneakers or headpieces, an Instax camera to capture your moment, and anything else that brings a shimmer to your shine.
  • You’re guiding us into the future so you’ll be drawn to cutting-edge technology and innovative materials in 2021.
  • Your 2021 color: Gold, the color of royalty and the star of our solar system
  • Your Klarna hack: Your thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, Aquarius, so satisfy your need for newness with the expert and inspirational content on the Klarna app.

Explore and shop our full Aquarius wish list here.

Pisces – The Lover | Romance & rumination

You have a beautiful year to look forward to, Pisces. In 2021, you’re about to get a glimpse at what glamorous romance is all about. As Jupiter joins Neptune in your sign, you can manifest the love life of your dreams—whether single or attached. The Nodes of Destiny in Gemini and Sagittarius will help you keep your feet on the ground and examine if what you want in love is truly in line with your path.

Smoooth shopping for Pisces:

  • Under this year’s planetary influences, it’s important to be careful with what you wish for, as your powers of manifestation will be at an all-time high.
  • See la vie en rose with pink sunglasses, a romance novel, a pearl necklace, or anything rose quartz.
  • Your 2021 color: Pink is the color of romance and love
  • Your Klarna hack: You’re inspired and inspiring, dear Pisces. Curate items you love with the Klarna app’s wish list feature, but don’t keep them hidden. Share them to your heart’s content with friends and family, and pay the inspiration forward.

See the full Pisces wish list here.

Now go, follow your path.

You’ve seen what lies ahead, and with the proper tools, it’s yours to follow and conquer in style. Happy shopping, and happy new year.

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