How long do refunds take?

Your refund will be processed within 14 days. As soon as the store has registered your return, or cancellation, you will receive your refund.

The refund process mirrors your payment plan – each of your payments is refunded separately. You may therefore receive the refunds on different days.

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Pay in 4
Refunds are processed in different ways, depending on the status of your payment schedule, how much you have paid and if the store has processed a full or partial refund.

  • Full refund
    Once the refund is registered against your order, any remaining payments will be cancelled and the already paid amount will be refunded to the original payment method.
  • Partial refund
    If the partial refund is greater than the remaining balance of your order, the refund amount will be deducted from the outstanding balance and the difference will be credited to the original payment method.
    If the partial refund is less than the remaining balance of your order, the amount will be deducted from the outstanding balance and spread evenly across the remaining payments. You can view any updates to your payment plan in the app.

Pay in 30 days
You’ll receive an email with updated payment information and payment updates in the app.

If the total amount owed is greater than the refund, the refund will be deducted from the total balance of your financing account.

If the total amount owed is less than the refund, the refund will be available as a positive balance in your Klarna account, allowing you to purchase again using your account at any participating online stores. Contact Customer Service to complete a refund form should you instead want the refund credited to your bank account.

Still waiting for your refund?
Depending on your financial institution, it can take up to 14 days for the funds to show in your account. To check the status of your refund, first ensure the store updated your payment plan accordingly, then check the refund against your original payment method.

If after 14 days you have not received a refund, or your original form of payment is associated with a now closed bank account or credit card, chat our Customer Service. If your payment plan has not yet been adjusted by the store, please contact the store directly to confirm your return or order cancellation.

Should the store’s return policy only allow refunds in the form of store credit, you are still responsible for your payments to Klarna associated with that purchase. According to the store’s T&Cs express shipping fees are not refundable.

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