Swedish for smooother shopping.

In Sweden they don’t shop, they Klarna.

There’s a wise old Swedish saying in Sweden: “Klarna makes shopping smoooth.” That’s because, with Klarna, you can shop anywhere online, find the best deals on the things you love, and get customized price-drop alerts - all with a single app.

Klarna is the smooother, easier, Swedish-er way online shopping should be.

Swedish woman on her cellphone and Swedish man combing her blonde hair

There’s shopping, and then there’s Klarna.

Klarna app homescreen

One shopping app for everything.

Shop at any online retailer in one app. Buy what you love today, and pay for it later in 4 easy payments. No nasty interest.

Inspiration lists in the Klarna app

Virtual wish lists for virtually anything.

Browse curated wish lists in the app to get some shopping inspo, and save items you love to get price drop alerts when they go on sale.

Deals in the Klarna app

There is nothing better than a deal.

Don’t go searching for a deal, Klarna brings them right to you. Shop exclusive sales and get access to limited drops all in the app.

We call this shoppertainment.

Just like Sweden perfected meatballs, Klarna is taking shopping to the next level. That includes making sure you get your hands on the latest drops, and keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening in the Klarna world.

Want to get a taste of some Swede-ish cinema?

Even if you don’t speak Swedish you can still shop like they do in Sweden. Watch some films to learn more about the smooothest way to shop online, coming straight from the motherland.

Klarna X Highsnobiety

Klarna X Highsnobiety.

Get access to exclusive influencer wish list drops on Highsnobiety every Thursday in the Klarna app.

What’s the Catch?

LaurDIY swaps chaos for calm, by shopping anywhere and anything with Klarna.