Live for the experience.

Purchasing power takes center stage

Are your shoppers entertainment seekers looking to experience the next great event? Help your audience live to the fullest, without the cost of tickets getting in the way.

That’s where Klarna comes in.

Give shoppers the power of flexible payments, so that they can enjoy the show without worry over cost barriers. Slice it and Pay later allow for split and delayed payments to boost purchasing power. Promote artist tours, seasonal events, and festival season to improve conversions for those occasions.

With Klarna you can:

Score high on experience

Klarna differentiates with online checkouts that can be tailored to suit your consumers' calendars. Allow payment to be made after purchasing tickets to an upcoming event. It’s simple, fast and frictionless.

Soften price sensitivity

Klarna's consumer financing can mean the difference between consumers buying and not buying. Klarna helps smooth out demand curves, keeping sales more consistent – particularly when ticket prices soar for mainstream events.

Offer friction-free credit

Experiential budgets can be restricted. Spreading payment over time for an upcoming show or event can remove consumer resistance. With Slice it, shoppers get an instant finance decision in 4 easy steps – all seamlessly built into your checkout flow – no redirects away from your site.

Lift service levels

Key to reducing dropped baskets is making sure service measures up to your competitors. Klarna empowers shoppers with one-click purchase, access to instant credit, and dedicated customer support.

Ready, steady, smoooth