Pay in 30 days

Offer an extra 30 days to pay.

Paying after delivery offers a frictionless shopping experience. By giving your customers an opportunity to try before they buy you’re increasing checkout flexibility – creating more business for you.


increase in average order value.


increase in shopper’s purchase frequency vs card.

How it works.

Pay in 30 days is designed to make shopping easier for your customers.


Your customers learn that they can pay for their order after having received it.


With simple top-of-mind info, the purchase is completed within seconds.

On shipment

The order is activated by the retailer and the customer’s payment period starts.

Post-purchase experience.

Whether you’re a retailer or a shopper, we’ve got your back. We take full fraud and credit risk for sellers, while giving full protection to buyers. We also put the control in the hands of customers with the Klarna app – gathering all orders in a single place. Through the app, your customers can manage their purchases, choose payment methods, chat with customer service 24/7, and even report returns. Two days before payment is due, we’ll send a friendly reminder for a hassle-free experience.

Making purchasing decisions can be tough. Pay in 30 days gives your customers a chance to evaluate if the order is exactly what they’re looking for. By offering more ways to buy, you will increase the number of completed purchases.


of shoppers were satisfied with their Pay later experience.


of Klarna users say Pay later is a better experience than other online checkouts.

Boost your business.

Offering flexible ways to buy from you – like Pay in 30 days – means more sales, and happier customers. It doesn’t get easier. With Klarna, you’ll get all you need to offer your customers a smoooth checkout experience.


One-click shopping together with an easy and seamless checkout will make more shoppers complete their purchase.

Average order value

Allowing shoppers to try before they buy, with our full buyer’s protection, makes them feel more comfortable adding more products to their basket.

Customer loyalty

Exceeding the customer's expectations will increase both satisfaction and the number of happy, returning customers. Our 24/7 customer support is always ready to help.

Drive traffic

Partnering with Klarna will increase your website traffic. Our strong brand and influencer collaborations speak to shoppers, who are actively looking for retailers that offer our payment methods.

We have experienced a significant increase in average spend. I think shoppers are enjoying the friction-free experience and modern feel of Klarna, as well as having the option of purchasing before pay day and then only paying if they keep the item.

Beren Gamble, Ecommerce Director, AQ/AQ

Always with Klarna.

Regardless of what solution or payment method you sign up for, joining forces with Klarna will make running your business easier.

Automatic updates

You’ll always have the latest and greatest version of all Klarna products.

New customers

Klarna refers millions of shoppers to online retailers via in-app promotions.

Business Insights

Make smart, data-driven decisions based on real customer insight.

Dedicated support

24/7 business support with our award-winning service team.

Go to business support

Seller’s Protection

We assume all credit and fraud risk, so you can focus on running a successful business.

Buyer’s Protection

We’ve got your customer’s back. If their order doesn’t arrive, they don’t pay. We take the cost.

Read the full policy

Globally compliant

All products are adapted to fit local preferences and legislation.

Upfront payment

You always get paid right away and in full with any of Klarna’s payment options.


How to integrate depends on how you use the payment method. You can choose to integrate Klarna Checkout, which includes Pay in 30 days as a payment method. You can also decide to integrate the Pay in 30 days option as a stand-alone payment method into your current checkout solution.


The free Pay in 30 days option is available on almost every e-commerce platform. The easy setup is straightforward and it won’t be long until you can start accepting payments.


Here you will find the integration guides, API documentation for those wanting to integrate directly with our systems, and more to help you get started.


Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. All you need to know about the Pay in 30 days option is right here.


Market availability
Show/hide function
Payment period starts
When order is shipped
Number of payments
One payment
Payment term
30 days
Consumer APR
0%. No interest.
Consumer fees
No fees.
Payments made
Manually paid online or in app.
Klarna buyers protection
Klarna sellers protection


Direct integration via
Javascript and RestAPI
Auto updates


Max payment delay
3 business days after order is shipped
Standard term of agreement
36 months
Cost / Pricing model
Up to 0.30 USD + 5.99% per transaction.
See legal terms

What else?

We have more solutions and payment methods that might interest you.


Offer interest-free installments.

Allow your customers a modern alternative to credit by letting them pay later with 4 interest-free installments.


Offer up to 36 months to pay.

Give your customers the flexible option to buy now and spread the cost with monthly payments.

Ready, steady, smoooth.