What is Vibe and how does it work?

Vibe is Klarna’s rewards club that lets you earn vibes when you shop with Klarna, no matter the store. $1 spent equals 1 vibe. Anyone above the age of 18 years old who has the Klarna app can become a Vibe member, for free.

Your vibes will show in your Vibe process bar once the payment of a purchase has been registered with Klarna. Once you’ve earned enough vibes, and your process bar is full, you’ll get a new reward.
Rewards include giftcards from customer favorites like Starbucks, Sephora, Foot Locker, and Uber. In addition to this, as a Vibe member, you will have access to exclusive online and offline sales and shopping experiences.
Arguably one of the best things about Vibe is that our benefits add on top of all other existing ones. Like the benefits from other payment cards such as bonus points, and benefits from stores such as discounts, campaigns, free-shipping, and all the rest. More benefits for you!

Good to know:

  • Purchases that were made before you join Vibe are not eligible to earn vibes with
  • Instructions on how to redeem your unlocked rewards vary depending on the individual reward. Find the correct instructions as well as other relevant information on the reward delivery page
  • All rewards can only be redeemed and used once
  • Your vibes will expire after a year from the day that you started using this program

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