Klarna + WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs. By giving your customers greater purchasing power with Klarna, they’ll buy more and do it more often. Retailers who offer Klarna see increased checkout conversions and higher average order values.

Getting started with Klarna in your WooCommerce store.

Sign up with Klarna

Already have a WooCommerce store? Sign up with Klarna to add flexible payment options.

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Integrate smooothly

Once you’re a Klarna retailer, get ready for a seamless integration in only a few easy steps.

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Add On-site Messaging

Add On-site messaging to boost your business even more.

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How do I get set up?

After signing up as a Klarna retailer, integration is easy.

1. Sign up with Klarna

To get started, you’ll need to create a merchant account and sign up with Klarna.

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2.Get & save your Klarna API credentials

Generate new API credentials by going to Settings in the Merchant portal. Download and open the file, you'll need these API credentials in the next section.

Generate API credentials

3. Configure Klarna in your store

Select Klarna Payments in your admin, enter key details and your API credentials to enable Klarna. For a complete experience in your WooCommerce admin install Order Management and On-site messaging when prompted.

Install Klarna Payments

4. Place a trial purchase

Check out the smoooth experience by buying an item with Klarna from your store. Once the order is placed, you can cancel in the Klarna Merchant Portal or if you’ve installed Klarna Order Management, in the WooCommerce admin (make sure you don’t pay yourself)!

Visit the merchant portal

5. Boost your sales!

Use On-site messaging to show your shoppers Klarna payment methods are available throughout the shopping journey. Your customers will see tailored messaging, while you see an increase in your average order value. Look for the OSM extension in your WooCommerce admin to add.

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Get the full integration guide.

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Payment methods that boost sales.

Up your conversion rate by 30% with Klarna in your checkout.

Pay in 30 days

Offer an extra 30 days to pay.

Let your customers try before they buy by offering an extra 30 days to complete their payment. No fees.


Offer up to 36 months to pay.

Give your customers the flexible option to buy now and spread the cost with monthly payments.

America's biggest brands and consumer communities are shopping with Klarna.

Take the first step to smooth shopping and add Klarna to your store.