Feb 5, 20211 min read

Ann Summers hits sweet spot with Klarna.

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by Klarna

As a champion of liberation, Ann Summers was eager to explore flexible payments to empower online customers to buy the best they could comfortably afford.

Having seen that customers were using Klarna on partner websites, Ann Summers wanted to meet that customer expectation for flexible payments whilst broadening appeal for those who choose not to use interest bearing credit options.


10% share of checkout • 10% rise in mobile users

In under two months, 10% of Ann Summers checkout was through Pay in 3 and average transaction value had increased. Mobile users rose by 10% as customers switched to online channels to take advantage of Pay in 3.


Success spanned beyond conversion rates and transaction values, driving customer engagement and focus for outreach.

The Ann Summers team testified that “success at the checkout is only part of the story. Klarna has also given us a great focus for customer outreach. A recent email blast to our entire database delivered one of the best responses we’ve had.


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