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Five modern “shopper tribes” retailers should know.

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“It’s never been more important to tune in to your customers’ needs and adapt to shifting expectations.”

— Natalie Berg, Retail Analyst and Founder of NBK Retail


2020 transformed shopping experiences, reinventing consumer relationships with brands & accelerated rapid ongoing change. To stay relevant and protect profits post pandemic, merchants must closely monitor their audience and adapt their offerings accordingly.

Our survey of 4,085 consumers in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, France, Italy & Spain explored how priorities differ across personality types, life stages and during the pandemic – here are three key takeaways when it comes to consumer behaviour:

1. We’re all human.

Fundamental needs for all include: value, choice, quality, customer service, influence of family and friends.

2. Subtle differences require a nuanced approach.

Focus on key need for the relevant audience throughout customer journey.

3. Demographics don’t dictate needs.

Segment by personality and passions.


By tapping into the priorities, wants and needs of shoppers – based on what brings them joy – it’s possible to create a deeper, more emotional connection with customers. But who are they? Not to worry! From our global consumer survey we uncovered five types of shoppers who should be on your radar this year, along with tips and tricks to retain them.

Family Firsts.

Family Firsts


Aspirational Achievers.

Aspirational Achievers

Here and Nows.

Here & Nows


Savvy Fashionistas.

Savvy Fashionistas

Conscious Consumers.

Conscious Consumers


To find out more about the five shopper tribes – Family Firsts, Aspirational Achievers, Here and Nows, Savvy Fashionistas and Conscious Consumers – access the full report below.

Read the full report 'Clicks and Cliques: Understanding Modern Shoppers'.

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