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Nov 30, 20203 min read

Klarna comment: The Arcadia Group administration.

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by Klarna

It is with great sadness that we have been advised that The Arcadia Group (Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Burtons, Evans and Wallis), one of our merchant partners has entered into administration.

Given the announcement, we want to immediately re-assure our consumers who have made a purchase with any of The Arcadia Group brands using Klarna that we will be working alongside their administrators to ensure that our consumers are protected.

Our consumers are our primary concern and we want to assure you that every Klarna consumer who has purchased online via any Arcadia Group brand, is protected by the Klarna Buyers Protection Policy. This means that no consumer will have to pay for items that they do not receive or which they are not happy with.

To help, we have outlined a variety of scenarios that may impact our consumers, and what you should do if you are affected.

Completed orders.

I have purchased from The Arcadia Group, received my items and still have an outstanding Klarna balance.

If you have successfully received your order from any of The Arcadia Group brands and are happy with the products, the payment terms and conditions of your order remain unchanged. You will still need to pay your outstanding Klarna balance in line with your agreed invoice or payment schedule (on Day 30 and/or Day 60).

Pay in 30 days: If you have an outstanding Pay in 30 days invoice, please settle this when the balance is due.

Instalments (Pay in 3): If you are already in an existing Instalment payment schedule, your remaining balance of payments will continue to be taken automatically on your preauthorised card.

If you would like to know what date your payment is due, please login to the Klarna App.

Outstanding orders.

I made a purchase with The Arcadia Group but have yet to receive my products, do I still have to pay?

All Klarna consumers are protected when they shop online by the Klarna Buyers Protection Policy. Consumers who have made a purchase online using Klarna but have not received their goods will not have to pay for the items.

The Arcadia Group will advise regarding outstanding items being shipped from their warehouses and if they plan to continue distribution. If they are able to ship the items to you, then your existing agreement with Klarna will remain in place. If however they are unable to fulfill the order, we will be sure to update your invoice via the Klarna app, and refund any money that has already been paid (for example the first Instalment).

I have made a purchase with The Arcadia group via Klarna, will my products still arrive?

The Arcadia Group will advise regarding outstanding items being shipped from their warehouses and if they plan to continue distribution


If you are unhappy with the items you have purchased and plan to return them, please register this within the Klarna App and follow the existing terms of the retailer to return the item.

What should I do if I still have a question?

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your Klarna transaction, please contact our team on one of the following channels.

Please note that our team will not be able to advise regarding the dispatch of orders from The Arcadia Group.

We will continue to update this guidance as and when we receive further information.