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3 feb. 20211 min lästid

IDEAL OF SWEDEN och Klarna överraskade konsumenterna i samarbete på Black Friday (EN)

Kimball Lucas

av Kimball Lucas

This year, Black Friday was a bigger online shopping day than ever before and expectations amongst shoppers was huge. Klarna and the popular accessory brand iDeal of Sweden teamed up to offer shoppers exclusive pre-access to discounted offers via the Klarna app. And the campaign was a success!

Together, iDeal of Sweden and Klarna surprised and delighted shoppers that wished to make their phone stand out of the crowd without going out of pocket. Shoppers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland were offered pre-access to the Black Friday discounts and offers in the Klarna app. The offer gave Klarna app users no less than 50% discount on all the products at iDeal of Sweden before everyone else. The exclusive offer was only available through the Klarna app with a Klarna code, and immediately got great traction amongst shoppers. In addition to that, the majority of the shoppers that took advantage of the opportunity were new customers to iDeal of Sweden.

The campaign was a huge success with millions of impressions. In addition to that, the majority of the shoppers that seized the opportunity were new customers to iDeal of Sweden. This shows how retailers and Klarna can work together to provide shoppers with a better shopping experience. And how Klarna can introduce shoppers and exciting brands.

The Klarna app is rapidly increasing in popularity across markets, and it was one of the ten most downloaded shopping apps in the US during Black Friday. Some of the most popular functions in the Klarna app are the wish lists and price drop notifications – which were especially handy during the shopping holidays at the end of the year.


Check out how the Klarna app elevates your shopping experience if you haven’t already – and visit iDeal of Sweden to give your phone some love.