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10 nov. 20202 min lästid

Klarna lanserar lab för att utforska framtidens shopping. (EN)


av Klarna

Klarna was founded 15 years ago with a mission to create a smoother shopping experience for all by removing unnecessary friction. Today, we’re launching a new initiative called “Klarna Future Shopping Lab”. This is a research project that explores how different aspects of shopping and retail experiences might look like in the future.

“We at Klarna are committed to creating the best shopping experience possible,” says Rasmus Fahlander, Director of Purchase Experience at Klarna. “When we are developing our services, we always look at ways to remove friction for shoppers and retailers. With Klarna Future Shopping Lab, we want to broaden our horizon and look at the bigger picture of how shopping and retail will evolve in the coming years.”

Klarna Future Shopping Lab explores optimistic and somewhat unexpected future shopping experiences. The purpose is to develop future scenarios that can inspire everyone involved in the shopping experience — from retail and city planning to technology and logistics — in accelerating the evolution of shopping.

Each scenario is devoted to one part of the shopper journey that people all over the world experience with friction, and that can be radically improved. Small things that, when improved, can have a big impact on the overall shopping experience and our everyday life.

These scenarios are explored through a collaborative process where Klarna gathers employees and external experts to develop hypotheses, which world-class creatives then bring to life through visual prototypes designed to be inspirational and fun rather than functional.

The first future shopping prototype.

In the first scenario, we deep dive into how the future mailbox can look like. Everybody has one but no one really uses it and almost all communication is now digital. In paradox, online shopping is growing exponentially, creating an ever-increasing number of parcels on their way to our homes. This is a process and experience where friction exists today.

Expert contributors feature:

Ana Andjelic (Author of The Business of Aspiration, Sociology PhD and Forbes’ Most Influential CMOs)

Iskander Smit (Director of Cities of Things Lab at Delft University)

Daniel Heckscher (Co-founder & Head of Design at Note Design Studio)

Cristiano Pigazzini (Design Manager at Note Design Studio)

Rasmus Fahlander (Director of Purchase Experience at Klarna).