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18 aug. 20203 min lästid

Klarnas önskelistor hintar om konsumenternas shopping-cravings. (EN)

av Fredrik Thambert

What products are most desired among online shoppers? The wish list feature in Klarna’s app gives consumers the opportunity to pin the products they wish to buy in the future. Here are some of the most popular items on people’s wish lists in July.

Most of us can relate to the feeling of wanting to buy a certain item, but for some reason, we’re not ready to do it just yet. Klarna’s wish list feature is the perfect solution for those situations. Here, shoppers can pin products with a simple tap on their phone and purchase them at a later stage when the time is right. They will also get a price drop notification if an item goes on sale to make sure they don’t miss out on any great deals. 

Wish lists have proven to be a popular feature among our shoppers.  Klarna app users have in total added more than 3 million items to their wish lists since the feature became available in 2019. This far the wishlist is available for app users in the US, Australia and Sweden.  

Looking at what kinds of products that have been wish listed the most provides interesting insights into what shoppers are tempted to buy. For retailers who are keen to tap into consumer demand, as well as for consumers who want to follow the popular trends. That’s why we at Klarna have decided to share some of the items that can be found on many of our users’ wish lists.

Klarnas önskelistor

In Sweden, Apple´s Airpods and Apple watch are some of the most wishlisted products in the Klarna app. Perhaps not surprising, given the trend around wireless headphones and Apple in general. Another item that can be found on many people’s wish lists might not be as exciting, but far more practical, and that is glass food containers. As people are cooking more food instead of going to restaurants, the need to store leftovers naturally increases. And of course all this cooking isn’t easily done without the right inspiration, which could be the reason for all the trendy vegan cooking books that also have been wish listed.

Video games is a product category that has been popular during times of lockdown in the US. Many shoppers are putting VR headsets and equipment on their wish lists with the intent to create virtual reality experiences in the comfort of their own homes. Speaking of homes, furniture and home-goods sales have exploded during the last months, with Wayfair being one of the brands that many are tempted to shop from in the US.

Outside our windows, however, the summer season is still here. Some people may already have come back from vacation and some just left. So, what is more tempting than a pair of new sneakers to celebrate it with? The Nike Air Force 1 has become one of the most wish listed products in the US Klarna app.     

And as an extra treat to ourselves, many of us also feel like a beauty touch up is nice these days. Our recently announced partnership with Sephora seems to be a match made in heaven. It turns out that their wide range of beauty products are some of the most sought after by Klarna users. 

Haven’t tried our wish lists yet? Download the Klarna app and start pinning the products you’re craving for.