Merchant lending.

Business financing, made simple.

Boost your business today with a merchant loan from Klarna

Apply in minutes

get your loan as soon as tomorrow.

Automatic repayments

based on your daily sales.

Fixed fee

you always know exactly how much it will cost.

Business moves fast. So do we.

Your customers don’t wait, your competition doesn’t wait. You shouldn’t have to either. If you need a smoooth cash advance to help your business, our technology driven underwriting system assesses your application in no time and initiates a payout for approved applications as soon as the day after.

Repayments based upon your success

Repaying shouldn’t be a hassle. Neither should it kill your cash flow. With Klarna's merchant lending you repay a small percentage of your sales every day.

Don’t waste time on silly questions

We know your business. We know your transaction history and your sales volume. We also know that your time is valuable. So we won’t bother you with irrelevant questions such as your forecast for the next decade, your mother's maiden name or the age of your cat.

And no costly surprises

Administration fees? Floating interest rate? Hidden fees? Nope. You agree to pay one fixed fee upfront that never changes. No running interest. No hidden fees. No surprises.

You’re in good company.

Thousands of merchants have already used Klarna to boost their business. Become one of them to supercharge your business too.


UK fashion brand Finery wanted help financing their rapid growth. They got it through Klarna's Merchant lending service.

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Boost your business today

Exclusively for existing Klarna merchants. See how your repayments could work using our illustrative pricing.

Your first 3-month loan is for free. Zero fees.




Payment plan

3 months

6 months

Repayment percentage*
Fixed fee**


Requested amount
Total to repay

* This is based on an average daily sale of £2,000.

** Individual pricing for the service might differ from the provided example.


Always access to smoooth business financing

Regardless of how you sell with Klarna you’ll be able to access merchant lending in our merchant portal. With the partners listed here you’ll have access to Klarna’s business financing also in their environment.