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Spotlight interview heros fallback
Spotlight interviews hero fallback

Meet the Klarnauts bringing our products to life.

Discovery Shopping

A tailored app experience.

Chu Zhu shares how AI technology plays a major role in the new app feed, serving shoppers content they actually want to see.

"This is a hyper-personalized feed powered by a recommendation engine."

Chu Zhu, Head of Discovery Shopping.

Ask Klarna

A personal shopper in your pocket.

Alex Grant and Timothy Plummer discuss how Klarna's personal shopper service brings a vital human element to the way consumers shop online.

"The human connection in online shopping delivers fundamental results."

Alex Grant, Product Manager.

Klarna Resell

An easier way to sell pre-loved items.

Romain Sassareu and Didrik Grip talk about the future of secondhand shopping, and how their product is driving change.

"We're lowering the threshold for people to enter the world of circular shopping."

Didrik Grip, Lead Engineer.

Creator Shops

Your dedicated creator storefronts.

Martin Landén reveals how Klarna's digital storefronts are changing the game for creators, and further helping shoppers discover new things.

"This empowers creators to become their own e-commerce destination."

Martin Landén, Head of Social Shopping.

Ads Manager

Your personal ad campaign tool.

Hallie Liang and Brendan Bell explain how their tool helps retailers power smarter ad campaigns, and why Klarna is set to become the next big retail media network.

"It solves the problem of scalability for merchants."

Brendan Bell, Lead Engineer.